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From the redwood forests on the North Coast to the sunny beaches in Southern California. Over 279 park units preserve and protect the best of California’s natural and cultural history, from natural features and ecosystems to historic structures and cultural resources. Learn More

California State Parks Week Events

Tuesday, June 14:
Land Acknowledgment Day

There is a movement throughout California’s State Park System to elevate, honor and celebrate the Indigenous voices and stories that are rooted in the ancestral lands now stewarded by California State Parks. Through land acknowledgments, name changes and interpretation, parks provide meaningful opportunities for all visitors to learn more about California Native American history, living culture and enduring traditions.
Learn how California State Parks works with tribes to protect and care for the lands, cultural sites and natural resources that are important to us all.

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Wednesday, June 15:
Kids Career Day

Kids love being outside, and the Junior Ranger program—now available in English and Spanish—encourages their natural curiosity with a host of activities in more than 70 parks. Being a park ranger is just one of many possible careers available in California’s state parks. On Kids Career Day, we invite kids and families to explore all the important jobs that people do to help keep parks healthy and running, and to learn about kid-friendly opportunities such as the Junior Ranger, Junior Ecologist and Junior Lifeguard programs.

Thursday, June 16:
Health and Wellness Day

Spending time outdoors is critical to health and well-being. Whether you’re a veteran park enthusiast or a first-time visitor, we invite you to explore something close to home and learn about organizations, events and activities that can continue to inspire you every day.

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Friday, June 17:
Stewardship Day

Parks are dynamic ecosystems that help safeguard a diversity of plant and animal life. But these ecosystems are not immune to the impacts of climate change. Just as we need parks, parks need us. Learn about programs and activities, such as prescribed burns, which help parks become more resilient to threats like severe wildfire. Discover how you can get involved in efforts to protect and steward your parks, including actions you can take to combat climate change at home and at work.

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Saturday, June 18:
Partnership Day / Volunteer Day 

Protecting parks is a big job, and we rely on so many businesses, nonprofits, volunteers and community organizations to help fulfill the California State Parks’ mission. Learn about the important roles partners play and how you can support them—and how you can become a partner yourself. Volunteers are so appreciated in California’s State Park System, and there are myriad ways to give. Volunteers serve as campground hosts and docents, help maintain trails, assist in visitor centers and administrative offices, and help restore habitat. Learn how you can become a volunteer during California State Parks Week and year round, and thank those who have generously and passionately contributed so much time and energy to the largest and most diverse recreational, natural, and cultural heritage holdings of any state agency in the nation. 

Recreate Responsibly

State Parks is reminding visitors to recreate responsibly. Protect yourself, family, friends and your community from COVID-19 by following these prevention measures while recreating in California’s State Park System:

  • Know Before You Go – Prior to leaving home, check the status of the park unit you want to visit to find out what restrictions and guidelines are in place. Have a back-up plan in case your destination is crowded. Stay home if you are sick.
  • Plan Ahead – Some restrooms will be temporarily closed to keepup with cleaning schedules. Bring soap/hand sanitizer.
  • Play It Safe – Find out what precautions you should take when exploring the outdoors, especially if this is your first time visiting the State Park System. Learn more at
  • Be COVID-19 Safe – State Parks continues to meet guidance from local and state public officials as COVID-19 is still present and still deadly. Beginning December 15, masks must be worn in all indoor public settings, such as museums and visitor centers, irrespective of vaccine status through February 15, 2022. Read the latest COVID-19 guidance at
  • Leave No Trace – Leave areas better than how you found them by staying on designated trails and packing out all trash. Do not disturb wildlife or plants.


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