From the redwood forests on the north coast to the sunny beaches in Southern California, 280 park units preserve and protect the best of California’s natural and cultural history, from natural features and ecosystems to historic structures and cultural resources. This year’s tagline is “This is where you live.” Learn More

California State Parks Week Events

Wednesday, June 12:

From epic beach days to the magic of ancient redwood forests, there is so much to see, do, and experience in California’s incredible 280 state parks. We encourage everyone to visit a state park and try something new. Interested in camping? Many parks and beaches offer beautiful campgrounds with amenities for first time campers. How about an interpretive hike to learn about your local history or adventures like surfing, boating, or offroading? California State Parks Week is your invitation to explore an activity that you just might fall in love with.

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Thursday, June 13:

There’s a reason why playing outside, having a barbecue or picnic, or taking a walk in the open air feels so good. Studies have shown that time in nature can boost people’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Everyone should have access to these benefits. California’s state parks give us all places where we can find refuge, inspiration, and joy. When we connect with nature, we are connecting with ourselves and boosting our overall health.

Friday, June 14:

Did you know that forests, oceans, grasslands, and other ecosystems throughout California’s public lands store huge amounts of carbon, making them some of the world’s most powerful tools in adapting to climate change? That’s one of the reasons why it’s critical that all of us protect lands and waters. On this day, we encourage you to learn about and support state parks and their partners’ efforts to ensure climate resilience across California’s State Park System—from expanding protected lands in state parks and restoring forests to engaging in educational dialogue about climate threats and solutions.

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Saturday, June 15:

California’s state parks are for all people. We reaffirm this truth by elevating the perspectives and experiences of communities that have been historically underrepresented in public lands. On this day and every day, we honor Black, Indigenous, and communities of color and the many ways these communities care for, relate with, and enjoy our shared parks. Join us for celebrations and cultural events at state parks statewide.

Tree planting

Sunday, June 16:

It takes our full community to care for public lands. Partners and volunteers are vital to keeping California’s State Park System healthy, beautiful, and rich in biodiversity. Discover how you can get involved in efforts to protect and steward California’s state parks, as park staff, a volunteer, a partner, or one of many other roles.

Recreate Responsibly

Before heading to your outdoors destination, California State Parks wants to remind visitors to recreate responsibly with a few safety tips.

  • Know Before You Go: Prior to leaving home, check the status of the park unit you want to visit to find current park information.
  • Plan and Prepare: Permits/reservations may be required such as for entry, camping, certain recreational activities, or transportation. Also, having and knowing how to use the appropriate gear for your activity could make or break your experience. Have a back-up plan in case your destination or activity is unavailable.
  • Play It Safe: State parks are meant to be enjoyed in many ways, but to play it safe, err on the side of caution. Make sure you do not underestimate temperatures or hiking distances. Learn more at
  • Leave No Trace: Leave areas better than how you found them by staying on designated trails and packing out all trash. Do not disturb wildlife or take plants.

Download the OuterSpatial and what3words apps to help ensure safety and enhance your park experience.


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