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What is California State Parks Week?

California State Parks Week is an exciting new annual event that celebrates the amazing diversity of California’s State Park System and the people who visit and help protect these iconic places. California State Parks Week advances the “Outdoor Access for All” initiative championed by Governor Gavin Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. In its third year, California State Parks Week returns from June 12-16, 2024. This year’s tagline is “This is where you live.”

Through special community events and in-person and virtual programming, State Parks, Save the Redwoods League, Parks California and California State Parks Foundation will invite Californians to celebrate the communities and cultures that make California special, explore new adventures and activities in our shared parks, and discover ways to deepen their relationships with parks and the landscapes they protect.

Why California State Parks Week? 

California’s 280 state park units preserve and protect the state’s natural and cultural history. In recent years, it has become abundantly clear that public lands play a critical role in making our communities stronger, happier, and healthier. Our shared parks are places where we can connect with nature and find inspiration and joy. California State Parks Week is a fun way to celebrate the wonder and sense of community that the outdoors provide to Californians and visitors from all over the world.

  • Inclusion and Access. Our shared parks are for all, and we welcome the diverse ways in which folks connect with and enjoy nature—from barbecuing with family to forest bathing with a friend to mountain biking solo. California State Parks and our partners are committed to creating and supporting inspiring, memorable, and accessible experiences that bring joy to our full community.
  • Health and Well-Being. It’s no secret that access to nature is one of the keys to thriving people and communities. Everyone is entitled to the positive, life-affirming impacts parks have to offer to us all. California’s state parks are special places where folks can tap into a deep sense of well-being.
  • Partnerships. Our partnerships with dozens of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community members give us life! From concessions to recreational experiences to education, all the wonderful experiences available at California’s state parks are made possible through our amazing relationships—and they are worth celebrating. 
  • Stewardship. It takes all of us to care for California’s spectacular public lands. With some of our most iconic landscapes protected and stewarded in our state parks, we all have an opportunity to ensure the natural places we are part of stay healthy and resilient for future generations.


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