Children’s Career Fair

Calaveras Big Trees - Campfire Center 1170 CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet California State Parks staff, interns, and volunteers and listen to stories about working in California State Parks. Explore real-world skills and create memories through hand-on activities. This fair is open to all ages but focuses on engaging children.


Guided Lava Bluffs Trail Hike

Lave Bluffs Trailhead 1171 CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet at the Lava Bluffs Trailhead. This moderate to strenuous 2.5 mile trail will take the group through varied environments and across a volcanic formation with a chance of spotting wildflowers. There are many steep sections along this trail, including some with difficult footing. Long pants and sturdy shoes are advised. Allow 2–3 hours and …


Fido on a Fire Road

Jack Knight Hall 1172 CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet at Jack Knight Hall for an approximately 2 mile hike on a park fire road to the Scenic Overlook. While dogs are not allowed on trails in the park, they are allowed on fire roads. There are a number of great fire roads throughout the park. All dogs must be on a 6ft maximum …


Guided Three Senses Trail Hike

Three Senses Trailhead 1173 CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet at the Big Stump and enjoy an accessible guided hike of the 800ft Three Senses Trail. This hike focuses on the senses of hearing, touching and smelling. Please allow for 45 mins.


Nature Journaling

Calaveras Big Trees - Campfire Center 1170 CA-4, Arnold, CA

You don’t have to hike to enjoy nature. During this guided exercise, you learn how to focus your mind and appreciate the detail of the forest community. The creation of a nature journal allows for creativity and relaxation.


The Forest Community and Prescribed Fire

Big Stump 1176 CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet at the Big Stump to explore the role of prescribed fire in the forest community. You will have the opportunity to look at areas that have been treated with fire prescription and compare them to untreated forest. This walk will include hike with elevation change. Allow for 1.5 hours and bring water.

Meadow Walk in Calaveras State Park

North Grove Campsite #16 1177 CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet near North Grove Campsite #16. The North Grove Meadow has fascinating human history that threatened the very existence of the meadow. You will discover how California State Parks restored the meadow to its original beauty and usefulness. Allow for 1 hour and bring water.

Meet our Partner, Calaveras Big Trees Association

Calaveras Big Trees Visitor Center 1170 East, CA-4, Arnold, CA

Meet Calaveras Big Trees Association (CBTA) at the Visitor Center. CBTA is a non-profit partner of Calaveras Big Trees State Park and with their partnership California State Parks is able to provide educational and interpretive programs that inspire stewardship and foster connections.