Protecting the Environment for Thousands of Years

Museum of Natural History 20 State Park Rd, Morro Bay, CA

The cultural interaction with the land and estuary are written on the landscape of Morro Bay State Park. Visit the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History to be inspired by the connection of people and land. The yak tit?u tit?u yak ti?hini Northern Chumash tribe and the Salinan tribe who continue to steward the land …

Mindful Moments – Journaling by the Sea

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Mindful moments help you stay happy, healthy, and connected to nature. Join Park Interpretive Specialist, Carissa Towne, for nature journaling tips live on San Luis Obispo Coast District YouTube Channel.


Estuary Kayak Tour


Keep wildlife wild and recreate responsibly. Sealife Steward volunteers launch a LIVE kayak tour of Morro Bay's estuary on Facebook @MorroBayStateParks to share tips how we can all protect wildlife while exploring Morro Bay State Park.